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 BDS offers a wide variety of services!  You can choose from...

Automatic Car (Featuring our NEW Electric Car), Stick Shift Car, Motorcycle, Scooter, and School Bus!

Vehicles are available for Lessons and Road Tests.

We can schedule your Road Test Appointment.

We also offer the 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Class for students who are getting their license, as well as the

Defensive Driving Class for licensed drivers who want to get a point/insurance discount.


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The 5 Hour Class (Pre-Licensing Course) is an in-class lecture, supplemented with certain videos.  This is a mandatory class.  It is intended to give you as much information about driving as possible.  We review general rules of the road, the importance of seat belts and airbags, drugs and alcohol, and road test tips.  Here at Brooklyn Driving School, we do our computerized visual presentation to make it more interesting for our students.    Once you have completed the class, you will be issued an MV-278 certificate.  It is needed to schedule the road test appointment.  Also, you must bring this certificate with you to the road test.  Without it, you will not be able to take the test.

The Defensive Driving Class is for licensed drivers who wish to get points taken off their driving record, and/or get an insurance discount.  Our class is sponsored by the USA Training Company.  Taking this class will remove up to 4 points off your driving record if you have them (no credit is given for future points).  Please understand: every moving violation that you get will be written on your driving record.  They will never be erased.  The points that you get per summons will simply be deemed either active or inactive.  By taking this class, up to 4 points will be deemed "inactive".  Accordingly, you will be eligible for a 10% discount on your insurance.  The cost of this course is $49, and we offer it once a month.  Please call us, or click on the "Defensive Driving Class" page to find out the next scheduled class.

For Insurance Inquiries, please call:

JAZ Insurance Agency (718) 984-5100